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Category: Balustrade Hardware

Channel Fixing Systems

There are two main options of channel fixing - cast-channel and 'raised' channel. Your selection will depend on your project requirements and stage:

Cast-Channel: For the cleanest and most stylish result, the channel is cast in situ, creating a frameless appearance. This requires a minimum concrete depth of 100mm.

Providing a perfectly seamless finish, the Cast-Channel method of installation is where the glazing is set within a concrete chase prior to tiling, resulting in the glass appearing flush with the ground surface.

This method involves no visible fixings enabling completely unobstructed views.

Glass options can also include curved glass panels.


'Raised' Aluminium Channel: This specially designed channel can be fixed directly to an existing or new concrete, timber deck or other suitable surface. It is specially developed for situations where the depth of the floor, or structural requirements, mean that the glass pool fencing needs to be held in a glazing channel.

This heavy-duty powder-coated aluminium base channel is a great solution for use in deck and pool fencing. Two versions are available, grouted and non-grouted, depending on the fixing substrate and whether any subsequent adjustment may be required due to surface movement.

Our no-grout system is suitable for all fixing substrates (including timber) whilst our mortar fixed channel is only recommended for concrete slabs.

Both channels can be coloured to suit your setting.


We recommend that you contact our team at Richmond Glass in the design stage so that we can offer advice on the best way to approach your project.